Second Haven

The second season of Haven, a fantastic television series freely based on the novel by Stephen King Colorado Kid. Broadcast in the United States by the specialized Syfy Channel network, the series is, in fact, indebted to the novel both in the setting – a port town in Maine – and in the plot, built by the authors starting from some questions left unsolved by King. At the center of thestory is the young FBI agent Audrey Parker, played by the blonde Emily Rose, known to the public of the American series for her recurring appearances in Brothers & Sisters and ER – Doctors on the front line. Arriving in Haven in pursuit of a fugitive, the young woman settles on the spot, beginning to investigate a series of disturbing paranormal mysteries, partly related to her hazy personal past. At his side are local sheriff Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), a young man apparently made of ice, but in reality shaped by the mysterious aura of the place, and the dark rascal Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour, co-star of Six Feet Under and 24).