Laws that Japan has for land-based sports betting

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Gambling has had a history in the country where it has remained a favorite pass time of the emperors, it also had to face the restrictions. The government of Japan has banned each form of gambling with an exception to a few. However, this is about to change as the country has recently given the nod to the establishment of the first line of casinos. This will be the first time that Japan will be having the casinos in the country and with the reputation in the gaming industry, there is a lot that is on the shoulders of the Japanese administration.



Gambling in the country is not new as it has been traced back to the courts of the 6th century where the elites used it to pass their time. Even though the activity was confined to few, but by the end of the 18th century there were a significant number of gambling places. The modern regulations came in 1907, however, it was banned during the world war2. Surprisingly, the country used gambling to revive the economy after the devastation of world war.

Criminal Code Chapter no 23:

The law bans all forms of gambling in the country. Whether it is gambling or betting, Chapter no 23 is strict on its operation in the country and violation will lead to heavy fines. However, there is an ambiguity that online gambling falls into where the law is silent. As long as you are wagering your money on an online casino that is operating outside of Japan, no law forbids that.


Integrated Resort (IR) Enabling Act:

There have been various attempts by legislators to legalize gambling. One of the most important developments that have happened over the years is that the perception that local gambling perception has changed. The initial steps at legalization were taken as early as 2000, but the bill was finally passed in 2018. The casinos will be allowed to operate from three places in the forms of Integrated resorts.


One of the major hindrances in legalizing the casino in the country was the social issues and genuine concerns about addiction. So some steps have been taken to address the issues. There are certain restrictions on the locals entering the casinos to curb the addiction. They will only be allowed three times a week, and an entry fee of 6000Y will be required to pay.


Casino Administration Committee:

The committee will have the power to revoke the licenses and grant them. Apart from that, it will also look if the rules are being followed properly, and in case there is a violation, it also has the power to revoke the permission.


Japan serves as the best location for the gambling crowd and with the type of reputation that it has in the gaming industry, the country is set to live up to its reputation. To establish casinos in Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama, the race has already started where one bid has already been closed. The race is for the rest of the two.

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